About me

Ramiro Yabar Calderon.

I was born in Cusco Peru.When I was 16 my family moved to Manu. We converted our property into an ecolodge called Amazonia Lodge. The first time I met birders was a group of Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours led by Steve Hilty. Steve spoke fluent Spanish and asked who knew the trails, and I said me. As I was showing the tour the trails, I realized how interesting and enjoyable birding was. This was my introduction to birdwatching and I was hooked!

We also had independent birders coming to the lodge and asking if there was a bird guide available. I soon bought my first pair of 7X30 binoculars along with the “Birds of Colombia” book by Steve Hilty. Probably like many beginner birders, I initially liked the colorful Tanagers, Cotingas, Trogons, Manakins, Woopeckers, and Hummingbirds, Next I started to like the brown birds like Woodcreepers, Spinetails and Foliage Gleaners. Then came the Flycatchers, Antbirds, Antpittas, and all. I next purchased some better binoculars and in the company of my brother Virgilio and my father Santiago, we started to do a lot of birdwatching at the lodge and in other parts of Manu, Cusco and the rest of Peru. In 1990, I started guiding tours for tour companies into the Manu Biosphere reserve until 2000. I was awarded the best guide in both 1998 and 2000 from the Minister of Tourism.

In November of 1998 I traveled to Costa Rica and worked as a resident guide in Rancho Naturalista and Tarcoles Lodge close to Carara National Park. I was also lucky to bird in other areas of Costa Rica including La Selva, Monte Verde, Savegre, and Tapanti.

After this experience I started guiding independent birding trips all over Peru. My Peruvian bird list is now at 1,683 species according to the SAAC list. I have also guided several trips in different areas of Bolivia and Ecuador.

While birdwatching I started taking photos, mostly for documenting my sightings. I soon became fascinated with bird photography. I enjoy the challenge and fun of taking photos of birds, mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, insects and plants.

In 2016 my family sold Amazonia Lodge and I continued guiding custom tours of individuals and small groups for birding and photography. My happy clients return many times to bird this avian rich country with me.